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Chapter XI – Reports for CIC



The Central Information Commission, after the end of each year is required to prepare a report on the implementation of the provisions of the Act during that year. Each Ministry/department is required, in relation to the public authorities within its jurisdiction to collect and provide information to the Central Information for preparation of the report. The report of the Commission, inter-alia contains following information in respect of the year to which the report relates –

  1. The number of requests made to each public authority;
  2. The number of decisions where applicants were not entitled to access to the documents pursuant to the requests, the provisions of the Act under which these decisions were made and the number of times such provisions were invoked
  3. Particulars of any disciplinary action taken against any officer in respect of the administration of the Act
  4. The amount of charges collected by each public authority under the Act
  5. Any fact which indicates the effort made by the public authority to administer and implement the spirit and intention of the Act.