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Policy Monitoring and Research Cell

Last updated: September 15th, 2023

As per the mandate, the Commission undertake special studies, organizes Seminars / Conferences and Workshops in collaboration with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Voluntary organizations, Universities/Colleges, Autonomous bodies, Institutions etc. It engages with the civil society groups, academicians, activists working on women issues and other stakeholders working towards gender rights and empowerment to get information from the grassroot level and their intellectual input. The PPMRC Cell deliberate on the issues related with socio economic conditions of women in the country and calls for special studies or investigations into specific problems or situations arising out of discrimination against women and undertakes promotional and educational research so as to suggest ways of ensuring due representation to women in all spheres.

Social mobilization, maintenance and divorcee women, Panchayati Raj in action, women labour-under contract, gender bias in judicial decisions, family courts, gender-component in the various Commissions’ reports for women, violence against women, women’s access to health and education in slums etc. to help in formulation of NCW’s policies for recommendations.

The Cell evaluates the progress of the development of women for which clear gender profile for different states is being prepared. This Cell also conducts seminars, workshops and conferences in collaboration with state governments, civil society organisations, experts for understanding the various problem areas in the field and to suggest action plan/ remedial measures to resolve these problems.

The PPMRC Cell also initiated various activities/programmes which will help in the betterment of life of women in the society. 

  • Research Study/Special Study Reports
  • Seminar/Conference/Workshops
  • Module for Panchayat Raj Women Representatives
  • Violence Free Home
  • Screening Committee Meetings
  • Guidelines
  • Issues / Topics / Priority Areas of the Commission for conducting Seminars and undertaking Special Studies / Research Studies
  • Expert Committees
  • Notifications/Circulars/Office Orders
  • Other Initiatives
  • The Non Government Organizations who are interested for grant from the Commission are requested to register themselves with NITI (189.96 KB) 
  • VIOLENCE FREE HOME – A WOMEN’S RIGHT A joint programme of the National Commission for Women (NCW), Delhi Police and TISS Mumbai (88.4 KB) 
  • List of Minutes of the meeting of the Screening Committee or List of Sanctioned proposals