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Seminars, Workshops and Conferences

The Commission conducts seminars, workshops and conferences and sponsors such events by providing financial assistance to research organizations and NGOs.

The important areas so far covered include Violence against Women, Educational, Health and Employment aspects, Women in Agriculture Sector, Women in Panchayati Raj, Custodial Justice, Mental Health Institutions etc.

  • Commission organized three national consultations on:
    – Women in PSUs- 27th January
    – Women in Local Self Govt.-7th February
    – Women in Civil Services-10th February
  • A national workshop on ‘Women in Governance’ was organized on 7th March, 2003.
  • Aim of these Consultations/Workshops was to collect data on participation of women in these sectors, get information regarding facilities given to them and problems faced by them, so that recommendations can be submitted for their solution
  • The fourth National Consultation on ‘Women in Legislature’ in collaboration with the Parliamentary Committee on Empowerment of Women was held on 21st August, 2003.
  • First conference with Chairpersons of State Women Commissions was held on 28-29th March, 2003. During the conference there were discussions on issues like child marriage, feticides, dowry, PNDT Act and domestic violence
  • The second Chairperson’s conference was held on 22-23rd August, 2003
  • It was decided in a Meeting with the Chairpersons of State Legal Aid and Advise Board and the Registrar of High Court that NCW with the Help of SWC would organize at least 100 PMLAs in next 6 months.
  • A National seminar on Justice for women victims of crime and violence was organized on 31st May, 2003 in New Delhi.
  • Regional conferences of Heads of Police Training Institutes on ‘Gender Sensitization’ were held in Hyderabad and Lucknow
  • Workshops were organized in Lucknow, Ajmer and Bhopal for the development of muslim women
  • The Commission convened a Consultation in collaboration with UNIFEM and The Centre for Advocacy and Research on ‘Working Towards a Gender Sensitive Policy on HIV/AIDS in New Delhi on 13th August, 2003
  • Workshops are held on ‘Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place’ and Public Hearings on ‘Impact of Globalization on Women’.
  • Discussions are held on Issues like Economic & Political Empowerment of Women, Education, Health and their Social Status.
  • It was decided in Expert Committee Meeting of Construction Workers to hold 5 public hearings at Delhi/Gurgaon, Rajasthan, Bihar, Karnataka and Maharashtra
  • Commission is preparing future plan to build national policy on ‘oppressed women’, problems and solution.
  • Above programmes are being organized with the help for State Women Commissions and Women & Child Development Department of the State
  • Workshops were organized in Lucknow, Ajmer and Bhopal for the development of muslim Women
  • Gender and Law Enforcement
  • Impact of Displacement of Women
  • Women in Detention
  • Sexual Harassment at Work Place
  • Interaction and Consultation Meeting on the Issues of Achievements and Challenges in Promoting Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment after Beijing +10″ on 7th April 2005
  • National workshop on ‘Women in Industry: policies, problems and prospects’ at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi on 16-17th April, 2005
  • A Seminar on ‘Panchayats and Child Rights: Birth Registration as the First Right to Identity’, on the 25th April, 2005
  • The Chairperson, NCW participated in the 5th South – Asia Regional Ministerial Conference Celebrating Beijing + 10 at Islamabad, Pakistan from 3rd May, 2005 to 5th May, 2005
  • National Workshop on Women and Land Rights in Collaboration with Nirmana held at Allahabad on 27th May, 2005
  • A Seminar on Registration of Marriages and Family Ties at Tura and Shillong, Meghalaya on 4th June and 11th June, 2005 in collaboration with the Meghalaya State Commission for Women
  • A Meeting was held on 28th June, 2005 with the representatives of Health & Family Welfare, Labour and Nursing Council of India, Delhi Nursing Council etc to discuss about the problems faced by Home Nurses in Kerala
  • Meeting of the Expert Committee on North Eastern States was held on 8th July, 2005 to discuss the various programmes that the Commission proposes to take up in the North Eastern States
  • An interaction on ‘achieving equality: addressing sex selection’ with Centre for Social Research and United Nations population Fund on 18th July at New Delhi.
  • An interactive meeting on pending women concerning Bills with women members of parliament and others (25th July, 2005)
  • A Meeting with the Chairpersons of State Commissions for Women and National Commission for Women was held on 26th July, 2005 to discuss the Action Plan of the Commission
  • The All India Conference of State Secretaries-Health, WCD and DGPs on the implementation of PC & PNDT Act (11th August, 2005) at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi
  •  Meeting with the NGOs working in Delhi and National Commission for Women on 17th August 2005
  • A Two Day conclave on ‘Combat HIV/AIDS A Uniformed Intervention’ was held at Shillong under the aegis of Maitri an NGO and the Assam Rifle’s Wives Welfare Association
  • National Workshop on ‘Review of Laws relating to Rape and Sexual Assault’, in New Delhi which focused on suggestions to be given to the Centre to review the laws dealing with sexual assault, rape and eve-teasing
  • National Convention on ‘Amendments relating to Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 and relevant laws’, in New Delhi
  • Convention on Gender Awareness Programme for School Students in Najafgarh, New Delhi to create gender awareness among the school students about the various incidents of sexual violence, criminal abduction, harassment on 10th,11th Nov 2005 and 3rd Jan 2006 with the help of Directorate of Education and Delhi Police