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Chapter X – Provision of Penality



The Information Commission

  1. The Information Commissions has been given enormous power to complaints and appeals. They have been given power of summoning and enforcing attendance and compel concerned person; to give oral and written evidence on oath and to produce documents
  2. The Information Commission can impose penalty @ Rs. 250/- per day subject to maximum of Rs. 25,000/- Burden of proving that the denial of information was justified; lies with the concerned officer who fails to provide information.
  3. In the event of persistent default the Information Commission may Issue directions for disciplinary action against defaulter for persistent default; however opportunity would be given to hear the defaulter. Burden of proof lies with the defaulter officer.
  4. The Information Commission are empowered to give Compensation.
  5. The Information Commission can intervene for not accepting an application, delay in release of information without reasonable cause or malafidely denying information or knowingly giving incorrect/ incomplete information; misleading information, destroying information and obstructing furnishing of information in any manner.