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Chapter VI – Duties and responsibilities of P.I.O.



 Duties and responsibilities of P.I.O.

  1. To receive application on behalf of NCW and acknowledge them with date on such requests.
  2. To assign number of request under R.T.I Act and to enter it in a register with number.
  3. To scrutinize Applications and find out concerned section to whom request is to be forwarded.
  4. To forward application to the concerned department within 48 hours. 
  5. To receive appeals on behalf of appellate authorities for onward submission to Appellate Authority.
  6. To receive reply/information from concerned cell/section/Department.
  7. To compile the information with the request.
  8. To certify the information while providing it to the applicant.
  9. To ensure realization of requisite fee in each and every case.
  10. To ensure delivery of information to the applicants.
  11. To scrutinize the information sought for by the applicants.
  12. To examine whether any exemption is applicable under section 8 or 9 or 24 of the Act.
  13. If covered under any exemption to issue rejection/refusal order with cogent reasons.
  14. To examine if it pertains to life or liberty or any urgency.
  15. To examine if any further fee is required and issue instructions to realize fee.
  16. To Issue intimation for deposit of further fee with justification and his right to review of decision.
  17. To seek services of other officers who are posted in other departments and are acquainted with the information for ensuring the delivery of complete reply to the applicant.
  18. To ensure disposal of the requests within prescribed time period.
  19. To find out if third party is involved if so to issue notice to third party and to obtain representation from third party (if required).
  20. To give opportunity of hearing and to make representation orally or in writing to third party.
  21. To intimate him about his entitlement to make appeal to the appellate Authority within specified period.
  22. To prepare weekly statements and to apprise off the situation to Member Secretary NCW
  23. To maintain all RTI records, receipts of RTI, disposal and submit an annual statement