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Chapter IX – Activity Chart For Public Information Officer



S.NO.ActivitySectionTime frame
1Receive application, acknowledge it and put a stamp on the same.6(1)24 hours
2Assign a number to received applications. 48 hours
3Scrutinize the received application. 72 hours
4Transfer the application or part thereof to other public authority. If it does not pertain to him.6(3) Provision5 days
5Examine whether any exemption is applicable under section 8 ,9or 24.8,9,245days
6If covered under any exemption issue rejection order with cogent reason.7(8)10 days
7Examine if it pertains to life or liberty.7(1) Provision48 hours
8If yes collect information and dispose of.7(1) Provision48 hours
9Examine if any further fee is required.7(3) (a)15days
10Issue intimation for deposit of further fee with justification and his right to review of decision.7 (3) (a) (b)15 days
11Seek services of other officers who will be deemed Central/State Public Information Officer.5(4)15 days
12If not covered under exemption proceed further or collect information to adjudicate and dispose of application.7 (1)30 days
13Find out if third party is involved if so issue notice to third party11 (1)Within 5 days
14Give opportunity to make representation orally or in writing to third party.11 (2)Within 10 days (5+10) 15 days
15Dispose of request in the case of third party1140 days
16Intimate him about his entitlement to appeal11(4)