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A statement of the categories of documents that are held by the commission or under its control

The NCW holds the following documents: – 

  • Copies of Reports released by it
  • Correspondence with Ministries/Other Organizations, Departments. State Governments and letters/E-mails from individuals seeking information etc.
  • Reports relating with research on issues effecting women
  • Reports relating to legal issues
  • Complaints and investigation including on line registration of complaints 
  • Details of legal awareness and other programmes sponsored by the commission
  • The administrative side of the Commission maintains files relating to the following
    • Appointments
    • Personal files and service book (including leave account) of its employees
    • Court related litigation files
    • Salaries and allowances payable
    • Training
    • Conferences / Seminars
    • Staff Cars
    • Purchase and maintenance of air-conditioners, room coolers, heaters, photo copiers, vacuum cleaners, computers, printers, UPS etc 
    • Electricity and Water bills 
    • CPWD complaints 
    • Engagement of casual labour
    • Circulars
    • Library matters
    • Purchase and distribution of stationery items
    • Maintenance of Annual Confidence Reports 
    • Other Miscellaneous matters